NEWS: LG OLED displays to feature smartphone style curved edges?

Will I Aint

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Actually it's smart. You're never going to hold the sides of the TV anyway and no content will get distorted if it's just the edges but it does create a bezelles effect which would look stunning from the front.

Will I Aint

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Any curves on the screen are going to compress reflections into a vertical line within the viewing area. Every curved edge phone does that, OK for a phone but madness for a TV. I'd rather have a bezel than a reflection.


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I don't see the point, not really sure what it'll bring, I mean are you gonna be sitting close enough and at such a wide angle to see the sides?


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Curved bezels are awful on smart 'phones and they will be awful on TVs. Pointless gimmick, for the people who buy pointless gimmicks. Like curved TV screens, it will pass...

Large curved monitors (for single person use) on the other hand can be very immersive, and I wonder why they haven't become more of a thing).



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No please. We want more tech advancements than useless design advancements. How about focusing on improving peak brightness and motion processing?


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more burn in protection and peak brightness, less curved edges.

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