NEWS: LG launches webOS 6.0 for 2021 TV lineup


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Will the new OS be rolled out to previous years models? Is that LGs way?

Being new to WebOS in the last month, have to say I really dislike it. I don't fine it easy or intuitive to use and the magic wand is a solution looking for a problem!
The magic wand is the main thing I miss when using other tv manufacturers.
Especially for inputting email and password etc.


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This remote button layout is much better than the current model. I ended up getting a razor to slice the tops off two online content buttons which were constantly getting in the way. They still function but they don't give me annoyance/disruption issues anymore.

More interested in the speed of the OS. I find the current system clunky and lagging what I want to do.

Also think the number of TV programs it can schedule is too low, not sure what the number is, but it's not enough scheduling memory slots.

Plus I can't just set the system to change to a channel at a time that I nominate, it always wants to change at the scheduled program's start time. That's not what I want to do. If a movie ends at a given time and I want it to flip to another program at that point, I want it to flip when I nominate the time, and not at some other time the system wants it to change.

Plus when I want to schedule a recurring program day and time, why can't I just select all 7 days of the week? Or all the week days? Or just the weekend days? And why if I select individual days do I have to then scroll a list that includes just 7 days on it, but LG displays only 3 to 4 of them? Why are not all 7 days displayed accessibly as a default, so I can just select the ones I want? It's a clumsy and clunky system for me.

Overall I would say the LG OS is not very well thought out, as far as using it goes, most of these things I could do a decade ago on an old Samsung TV OS.

Plus why can I not get a small image of TV and its sound to display on screen when I'm using a Windows10 PC attached to its HDMI1 as a monitor? I could do that a decade ago with HDMI from PC to TV. So I don't find my LG TV and its current OS meets my definition of a PC compatible TV monitor. It's lacking very badly in that respect. It's annoying to not be able to use the TV and the PC simultaneously, when they are directly connected by a much faster HDMI standard. So the existing LG OS is far from ideal for me, but in other respects it's OK.

"Can do better."


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Probably not going Lg next time around as my 2016 65" G6 has been deprived of any meaningful updates/ fixes or Web OS improvements since a few months after purchase . Their tvs are only as good as they'll ever be on Day 1, they don't bother with any type of future-proofing . So no Disney + ,

I have an LG E6 65" which as I'm sure you know is the one down from the G6. I have the Disney+ app on my TV. Might be worth checking again. You think you've got it bad, the 2020 owners don't have UK on demand channels. Well not all of them anyway. ;)


Interesting . I just bought a new Apple TV 4K so I can leave it in my rack and control the surround system from my phone . I have a Panasonic UB-9000 player which can do Amazon and Netflix but , unbelievably there's no app to control it from the phone like the Oppo - 203 . I still think cost-effective extra RAM and storage to facilitate some improvements should be standard , greener practice on premium products .



The new remote gets my thumbs up. As for the new WebOS interface, I’ll wait and see. I’m not a fan of a screen load of ads. As for older sets getting WebOS 6, I doubt it. LG has got to have something to encourage you to spend your money on. I can pretty much guarantee that the whizzy new TVs still won’t address things things like the lip sync problems that many LG owners experience, support DTS codecs or have a properly working eARC implementation, but I’m happy to be proved wrong.
Did LG ever fix the micro stutter on Freeview 1080i content with their recent tv's? My E6 still suffers from this pesky bug.


021 LG OLED TV prices and dates
LG 4K OLED B1 series:
• OLED55B19LA.AEU - April 2021 - 1,799 euros
• OLED65B19LA.AEU - April 2021 - 2,699 euros
• OLED77B19LA.AEU - April 2021 - 4,999 euros
LG 4K OLED C1 Series:
• OLED48C17LB-AEU - April 2021 - 1,649 euros
• OLED55C17LB-AEU - April 2021 - 1,999 euros
• OLED65C17LB-AEU - April 2021 - 2,799 euros
• OLED77C17LB-AEU - April 2021 - 5,299 euros
• OLED83C17LB-AEU - June 2021 - 7,999 euros
LG 4K OLED Evo G1 series:
• OLED55G19LA.AEU - April 2021 - 2399 euros
• OLED65G19LA.AEU - April 2021 - 2399 euros
• OLED77G19LA.AEU - April 2021 - 2399 euros
LG 8K OLED Z1 Series:
• OLED77Z19LA.AEU - May 2021 - 19,999 euros
• OLED77Z19LA.AEU - May 2021 - 29,999 euros
Today we are releasing pricing and dates for new LG Electronics NanoCell, MiniLED (QNED), and UHD LCD TVs. Stay tuned!


Prices and dates for QNED91 and QNED99
• 86QNED999PB.AEU - May 2021 - 9,999 euros
• 86QNED919PB.AEU - June 2021 - 6,999 euros
• 75QNED999PB.AEU - May 2021 - 6,999 euros
• 75QNED919PB.AEU - June 2021 - 4,599 euros
• 65QNED999PB.AEU - July 2021 - 4,999 euros
• 65QNED919PB.AEU - July 2021 - 2,499 euros


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Personally I find the Firestick 4k better than any Google TV os I have used, it's fast and easy on the eye with an incredibly simple remote. It really is like a budget Apple TV.

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