NEWS: LG launches Magnit Micro LED display

Cool, I was going to get a new oled this year but will wait for the 65" version of this next year. ;);)


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Vinny T felt compelled to make a video about this announcement, he's of the view that this tech is still a good 5-10 years from being in the home at any reasonable size or cost.

I tend to agree. It's the unicorn of TV technology.

I think I'll stick with my two and three year old OLEDs that are still going strong, you know that "dead technology" that's "not fit for purpose". :smoke:


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I like how he said the cost of one is beyond most people including himself then he said, “no I can afford it but prefer to spend my money else where”....:rotfl::laugh:



Almost feels like this tech was designed for commercial rather than consumer, feels like this tech will be replaced when someone creates something affordable for all not just the few or maybe that is just OLED.

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