NEWS: JVC projector upgrade optimises HDR for free

Steve Withers

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As a happy N7 owner I'm delighted by this news. I was wondering how JVC could make the performance any better, but tailoring the HDR Frame Adapt to the screen size, gain and room makes perfect sense.
Why not just add the measured light on screen to the tonemapping, would think thats simpler, and better?
It’s great to see JVC enhancing existing products via consumer accessible firmware updates, and providing longevity in their models.

I have an RS440 (X5900) that I’m very, very happy with, but it did seem with previously models that you had to buy a new model just to get a slightly enhanced annual software update.




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It seems to me that sooner or later projectors are going to have some form of basic light meter that you place in the sitting position similar to audyssey and that will then set it all up. I assume with support for more advanced meters for the custom install guys.


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Love my N7, cannot wait to see how JVC make amazing, even more amazing!! :clap::thumbsup:


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As a Sony owner on the (apparently failed) promise of DTM, I am very jealous. And if I didn't have a light source that lasts for many years, I would definitely go for a JVC over my Sony now.
Just for the real improvements being made available for free, even though I love the stable laser light.

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