NEWS: Is Samsung facing conflicting future TV strategies from within?


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The VD division sound like sore losers ;)


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Samsung have been caught sleeping. The cheaper manufacturers like TCL are now releasing generation 1.5 of LCD with the micro/mini LCD tech which promises to have better dimming than the Sammy. Meanwhile Samsung don't know where to go next.

Then on the higher end of the spectrum, OLED from LG is simply the gold standard and year by year gets slowly better with the brightness going up.

Samsung's screens in general seem to have much better burn in durability than LG's (albiet in smaller form factors). If they can produce OLED panels with a screen burn warranty that LG can't offer, I see them destroying LG with a strong advertising campaign warning people about IR/Burn in. This would punish LG For sleeping on the IR/Burn in issue rather than properly addressing and mitigating it. However I struggle to envisage Samsung being able to make new OLED panels AND sell them at the same prices LG et al do.

They're definitely in a difficult place now.

Back in the day I used to think of things as:

Panasonic = best PQ processing
Sony = best motion processing
Samsung = best tech and looks
LG = budget option

However this generation Samsung have really been leapfrogged by LG who now have the best tech (with HDMI 2.1 and gsync support upcoming for their TVs this year) and looks (thin form factor etc.) whilst going toe to toe with everyone for PQ.

The only killer feature I see Samsung repping are the quantum dot colors.. *yawn*.. and their excellent anti-reflective coating. I'm even confused by the wide viewing angle LCD race both Sony and Sammy have done, sacrificing some deeper blacks. Rather than making the best LCD they can using what LCDs are good at, I feel like they've gone down the "lets compete with OLED" route. The fact that the best FALD LCD's ever made are still being touted as the ZD9 and the Panasonic 902B is kind of pathetic given how old they are.
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