NEWS: iFi launches Zen DAC and headphone amp


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Assuming it sounds up to scratch, and iFi do have a fine reputation, this seems like an unfeasibly good bargain.


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How would I access Amazon Unlimited Music HD/Ultra HD with this?
The source transport i.e. desktop computer, laptop and whatever device has access to your digital library. So the computing examples would be usb out to the usb in on this DAC


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Would that be kosher with any laptop, or might some (older ones? USB 2.0?) not be able to handle it?
You do not need that much bandwidth for music, usb 2 is a proven standard and still the de facto usb standard as far as computer audio goes.

Windows drivers - I would ask ifi or wait for release info. If you get serious driver issues return under the 14 days cooling off period I would suggest


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Cheers. I presume it’s easy to tell your PC to output the digital signal over USB.

This one may be on my list for Father Christmas.
A modern PC will just know.. on Windows 10, the internal soundcard will mute and direct audio to a usb device even without drivers being explicitly installed. The sound card driver software for these USB devices are more bells and whistles.. digital effects

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