NEWS: Humax launches AURA 4K Freeview Play Recorder


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I had my Aura to force 1080 on live tv to stop it upscaling to 2160. My tv does that fine.
However, when I used BBC iPlayer the UHD programmes were downscaled to 1080. My TV confirmed this. Switching off forcing of 1080 means the UHD isn’t downscaled but the live tv is upscaled to 2160.
iPlayer is not live tv!


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I wonder if anyone can help with my question regarding streaming.

Does this have the ability to stream a recording over Wifi onto a TV elsewhere in the house? I see there is an Android app but it's a Samsung TV so would I need an Android TV box or something to make this work? Thanks for any help.


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I recently purchased the Aura box after reading reviews.

Humax support seem quite useless as having a few issues, it really does seem to have a huge number of teething problems.

My main one is that the hard drive is constantly on, my room is very quiet and so even when everything turned off (standby) the HDD is spinning and I can hear this. This happens indefinitely and not just for a few minutes after entering standby.

Is this the expected behaviour or should it be turning off? Humax blamed it on the smart/server features of the box but can't imagine it would be programmed to be on 24/7 for the whole life of the box.

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