NEWS: Honor 8X Has UK Release Date and Budget Price


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Good specs for the price. Screen res is? On Amazon it states FHD+. Smaller battery then my Redmi 5+ though. Priced well for us euros as well at 249.

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Seems like a good cheap phone, but don't expect a snappy response and the fluidity of usage as per the likes of an iPhone. There is a saying "buy cheap, buy twice" as most on this forum knows, that is pretty well correct :)


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Nice, at 1/4 the price of an iPhone!
That is the one thing that irks me on reviews....

It's an Android based phone so why not use a current Android model when comparing. It really makes no sense at all as most Apple people will stick with Apple and the same for those on Android, or Windows!

Please reviewers this sometimes feels more akin to a Daily Fail headline designed to create heated keyboards.
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