NEWS: HBO Max launches May 2020 in US but no European date set


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We're going to end up having to subscribe to every individual channel soon aren't we? :rotfl:

Getting ridiculous now.


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The reason why streaming services became popular was because viewers could break free from satellite packages and pick and choose exactly what they wanted, rather than having to select an expensive bundle of channels. Netflix were instrumental in this and a disrupting force in the market.

However, as the big boys converge on the streaming model and traditional distribution (cable/satellite) becomes less favourable due to cost, the big companies are now trying to use the old business model and tie people into their expensive service bundles again - but this time online.

People will only tolerate so much cost. It’s going to be a very hard sell to get most people to subscribe to 2 or more streaming services. We are already seeing price hikes.

Cord cutting with the availability of cheap a la carte programme selection has had its day in the park, and now the big boys will fight it out. It will get messy and not all the current providers will survive.

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Netflix, Prime and Sky for me. Won’t subscribe to anything else.

It’s getting like the football. Used to be a Sky sub was all you needed. Now you have to have Sky, BT and Amazon. Or you can just use and illegal stream and watch it all for free.
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