NEWS: Harman Kardon unveils Citation MultiBeam 1100 soundbar

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Looks nice. Be interesting to see what the full setup with the matching surrounds and sub goes for and what spec the connectivity is.


Sooo i decided to keep my Harman Kardon citation multibeam 1100 with subwoofer(10 inch) and surround speakers so i will not be buying the Q990B. I'm a previous owner of the Q70r, Q80r, Q90r, Q950T, Q905A and Sp11ra LG (terrible sound quality)

Why? Because the sound quality is amazing, I'm hearing every single detail in heavy action movies. The center channel is crystal clear with H/K "pureVoice" technology.

The subwoofer is fantastic, not only for movies but for music as well, not boomy, you can feel the punch nice and clean.

It's a 5.1.2 setup and i must say i really don't miss the rear upfiring speakers maybe because my couch is close to the wall, it's actually better without them, sometimes less is better I guess.

No disconnection problems like I had with the Q950T. There is an calibration option (sounds are playing from different speaker's for about 30 sec) and I do hear a difference, it improves the surround image, the surround speakers are not to quiet and to loud so I was kind of impressed with calibration program.

I'm watching Netflix, Disney+ and HBO max for most of the time so 5.1.2 system is more then enough, those extra channels(Q950T/Q950A) messed the surround image up sometimes for me. So if your couch is near the wall I would definitely recommend this system over the Samsungs. With subwoofer and surrounds you get 930 watts of power (yeah I know it's not all about the watts)

The whole package is more expensive than Samsungs but if you ask me it's worth it, the system is amazing and it's looking good in my living room (wife is not complaining) haha. And one thing is for sure I'm not buying a new soundbar for a long long time, I'm glad I invested in this one, I don't know if it gets any better than this in the "soundbar world" , im really satisfied and good job to Harmon Kardon.


Anyone else got one of these? Can't find many reviews anywhere.


Very satisfied, best soundbar I've owned


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"My 1100 arrived yesterday. Great soundbar!

I have tried a Bose900 and a Sonos Arc but this sound quality is the best. Both Atmos and Spotify music sound great. Design of the bar is nice" - from reddit forum

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