NEWS: Google launches Pixel 3a and Nest Hub Max


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All we need is a 4-inch Nest Hub Mini and you'll have a nice bedside smart alarm clock to go with your 7-inch office table Nest Hub and your 10-inch kitchen Nest Hub Max.


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I thought there'd be more people jumping in this thread. My old Moto Z play is showing signs of age, as much as I like the 2 mods I have I've no confidence Motorola will put in any effort to make the Z4 any good or bother to release the thing on any carrier that isn't Verizon, it's like they want the line to fail.

Anyway I digress, I'm tempted by the pixel 3A, if I go for an upgrade I'm definitely after a decent camera, software support and ideally not spending £1000. Tossing between a pixel and Nokia 9, as much as the Nokia has some issues in reviews I'd need to buy the pixel in the UK and bring it home to New Zealand, thus voiding the warranty, a problem I won't face with the Nokia as that's available here. How have the recent pixels held up issues wise?

Also saw you can get a Chromebook or home hub thrown in with the pixel which makes it quite appealing, just have to get the extra things home as well which could be fun with customs, not even sure where I'd stand if it was a freebie.

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