NEWS: Freeview Play coming to Android TV devices


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Any word on if/when Freeview Play will come to AppleTV?


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This sounds positive, assuming they make it available on older models like mine!

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All the newer Sony Android TVs already have YouView. In light of that this seems a little odd.

I think your average consumer would be confused whether to choose YouView or Freeview Play (assuming this will mean there is a choice), since they both effectively offer the same thing.

Edit: Sorry wasn’t thinking. I guess there are other non-Sony Android TVs which don’t have YouView; which might gain a lot from this.


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Despite having Youview, the Sony TVs do not have Timeshift (pause live TV) that Youview boxes generally feature, so I would be very interested to hear if Freeview would bring this capability.


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I heard this news on the Reddit NVidia Shield TV group, where it was announced that this Freeview Play app would also appear on the Shield which uses Android TV.

But the question I asked was, would this be limited to UK only the same as the other UK based TV catch-up apps (BBC iPlayer, ITVHub All4). Those apps did not appear for me at all in the Google Play Store on the Shield when it was correctly set to Ireland as country. I had to change the Shield country to UK in order for the apps to appear in the Store so I could download and run them.

Now obviously BBC iPlayer will not play anything outside UK....

But ITVHub works perfectly fine here because I have the subscription to the service which legally allows me to view the content outside UK. So google/ITV needs to fix that restriction to the app for those of us outside UK region.

I heard BBC wants to do the same but are stuck in legal sh*t to do with region licensing.

Anyway the question is - will this Freeview Play give me anything extra? Or just a different app interface to all the catchup programmes on all the separate catchup apps?


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It will be interesting to see how TVPlayer reacts to this now that they are not the only live TV game in town.
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Would be great if you could get it on the firestick. My bedroom tv has poor reception but if I could watch freeview on the firestick have on that set it would be a def bonus.

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I’d assumed this would only mean OTA TV (ie via a tuner) + integration with all the catchup apps. In the way Youview works.

Granted you can live stream the BBC channels in the iPlayer app. But I don’t think Freeview play allows internet streaming all the Freeview channels as an alternative to an aerial.

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