NEWS: Focal announces On Wall 300 speaker lineup


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Is it just me but do they just look awful ? I am truly struggling to see the advantage of these over speakers to the side of the tv. I would go for a decent sound bar first. I appreciate it is also about sound quality as well and I am sure they would be great.. However, placing speakers around your tv so it looks like it's blocked in just leaves me a bit mystified.....


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Interesting view ch1z as I thinking it is time to change my Linn Katan/Majik/Kan setup to one that uses on-wall speakers to reach a compromise with a redecoration of our living room. Thinking is that I want to tone it down a bit with large speakers everywhere and make it more discreet - perhaps using white speakers!

Quite like these as I am looking at 85" TV's (would love Samsung but lack of Dolby Vision is annoying). List of potential speakers so far ranges from Monitor Audio Apex A40's all round to M&K MP150's and now these turn up so will take a look. One problem for me with the MP150's is that I would have to have the centre speaker above the TV on the wall as there is not enough room underneath. Perhaps this isn't a problem but the Focal 302 would fit at least!


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We use a Kef t301 5.1 system on our lounge TV. Biggest issue we have is the rears need angling in significantly which means building wedges to wall mount them - otherwise it's a great way to get good sound and keep space in the room!
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I wonder how good they’d be purely for stereo? They’d definitely save space but you’ve still got to drill the wall to mount then run cables so not quite the neat solution they first appear. Plus for stereo they’d probably need angling in slightly. I suppose you could use the stands and put them up to the wall but that adds yet more money. Would be interesting to know roughly what level of standard stere speakers they are equivalent to though so can see how much of a premium the wall mounting comes at.

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