NEWS: ECLIPSE Display TD510ZMK2 Speakers TD520SW Sub At Bristol Show


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Like having a couple of eyeballs for speakers, so how I think these for singletons. Try getting these past your partner. I can get away with a lot but these no way.


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I remember hearing a pair of TD712’s connected to that monstrous Sony receiver back at one of the old manchester hifi shows years ago. Frankly it was best in show for me. It sounded amazing.

I’ve always loved them, esp the 712’s on those dedicated industrial stands, but they are pricey and I don’t really have the room for them. Also my mrs didn’t like the idea of eyeballs staring at her :) if they painted the cones black, it would look more like jet engines I think :)

I keep a look out on eBay for a pair of older 508’s for my office system from time to time but I’ve not been able to justify the cost yet..

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