NEWS: DTS:X decoder to feature in TVs from late 2019


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Mid January and this year's TVs are already out of date :p


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Great, So all that is needed now is content actually encoded with DTS:X with which to take advantage of this. I doubt that most people in the public domain looking to buy a TV even know what DTS:X is?

I think this may all be a bit late in the day for DTS? Why would broadcasters ditch the already abundantly used Dolby Digital and DD+ in favour of DTS? DTS already tried promoting DTS-HD HR as an alternative to DD+, but no one bit and no one adopted it for streaming or broadcasting.

I'm pretty sure that those purposefully awaiting an IMAX Enhanced certified TV or looking to buy one will be those with external audio provision? Why the need for a TV with DTS:X decoding?

Yes, the ability to passthrough DTS-HD MA and DTS:X via eARC is an interesting prospect, especially for those who'd rather utilise their TV as the hub as opposed to using their AV receiver and having to pass video through that receiver, but the ability to get SD DTS portrayed by a TV or output via either optical or conventional ARC is not anything new. The nature of DTS-HD and its use of a DTS core means that you'd get SD DTS if a device had the abiliity to handle DTS anyway, but not DTS-HD. Many TVs already handle DTS SD without issue and have done so for many years.

This doesn't sound as though it will be a feature given to all TVs and will only be available to some. I really don't think potential customers are going to narrow their choices down in order to have this ability available to them?
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@dante01 So I guess this was quietly abandoned by MediaTek & DTS? What was the point of the announcement if DTS already felt their efforts were too little too late? No manufacturers are willing to support it because Dolby have already won? I wonder if Sony's 2020 tv releases will support DTS:X decoding, most probably not as Samsung & LG have already omitted DTS support?
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