NEWS: Disney+ hits 10 million subscribers after first 24 hours


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There are many (millions of) people who stay subscribed to Netflix all year round but with the price increase, the reviews of new series, and the new services starting, I bet many will think again.

It makes sense to think about what series you want to watch and to sub to services for just long enough. That's what I do with NowTV and I put Netflix into hibernation months ago and still waiting for a good reason to rejoin.

Prime can be had for £59 a year and the new series are quite strong at the moment. Disney+ I'm thinking about as a movie subscription service, no different in cost to buying a couple of Itunes movies per month.


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Very interesting look by Vincent Teoh into the actual 4K / DV "upgrade" that the channel has done to the Star Wars original Trilogy. And some good humour & new sound effects as well :)



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Like many, I have Netflix and Prime Video (but not actually Amazon Prime!). No Sky or cable - just Freeview for normal TV. I have no interest in Disney+, AppleTV+ or any of the other streaming services. The costs for all these would be horrific when stacked up, and we don't have the hours in the day anyway.
I suspect many of those Disney+ sign-ups are for the free trial, and a huge number will drop out. AppleTV's line-up is dire (maybe except for The Mandalorian), and even Prime Video is pretty poor except for a few of their own produced shows. Netflix still rules as far as I'm concerned, for content and commitment, and it's probably 90% of what we stream (which isn't a massive amount anyway).
I simply refuse to get sucked into this monthly subscription hamster wheel - I have better things to do in life!


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Yep, it’s definitely a case of hours in the day for me, more than anything.

With Sky, Prime, Netflix, couple of discs a week form Cinema Paradiso (and that’s without even getting into the thousands of movies and tv shows I own) I don’t have time to watch everything I’d like to.

I do subscribe to Apple because I like the content, The Morning Show is great and I like For All Mankind and for a lesser extent See. I’ll likely cancel when the current seasons of those finish though.

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