NEWS: Disney developing AI based video compression


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Disney: “Because the receiver requires a trained neural network for reconstructing the video, you might also have to think about how you transmit it along with the data,”

The Vision: Send the Video, already!
Data: Check!


Codecs are pretty much sorted for 4K and under, however with 8K on the way it will probably go down well in that arena. (Unless another comes along first)



You mean "AI" used to makes images/video look better after compression is also useful for compressing in the first place? I am truly shocked.
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Never mind video. They want to sort out their over compressed throttled 'mid-terrace' audio mixes.


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Is this how Skynet starts??


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Is this how Skynet starts??
I'm not suggesting which Company will produce it finally, as they are not one of the ones contesting the present Pentagon bid
But my guess is that it will actually be called "iNet"


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This "AI" technology also makes your grey hair browner, your teeth whiter, you eyes sharper and your skin more tanned. And if you don't believe me, then you just are too thick to understand.

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