NEWS: Denon launches PMA-150H network amp


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If it sounds as good as it looks it could definitely be an all in one solution

(I'm happy to review it Denon )


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Nice looking box. These caught my eye:
  • autosense volume through the optical input for tvs?
  • Diamond cut volume ring?
To me, seems low powered, the given power ratings are for 4 ohms. Also, seems very expensive for what you get. I like the concept though.


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The high price shows how Hi-Fi components are now all considered esoteric. Shame as they are speeding up their demise by raising prices of units such as this. I can't see many being sold at this price.


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This would have been just what i was after.
just a small amp that will power to external speakers for the garden that links to the network so i can use HEOS. But at that price..

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