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NEWS: Denon Launches DP-400 and DP-450USB turntables


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Appealing Turntables. I like the "S"-Shaped Tonearms, and very much like the Auto-Start/Stop features.

But for some reason, people in the UK have no interested in Auto-Start/Stop turntables. Richer Sounds tried selling the Denon DP300 and soon it was on deep discounts due to, I assume, lack of interest.

Though I have to say those are very handy turntables. I find it annoying to fall asleep and wake up 3 hours later with the Stylus still spinning in the dead/end groove. With an Auto, I can fall asleep or walk out the door, and the turntable take care of itself.

Further all these turntables seem to have reasonable built quality and reasonable Tonearms in their price class. For a modest price I would most certainly consider one of these turntables. And given that I prefer the S-Arm, the 400 and 450 are very appealing.

One additional note, the DP300 uses an angled, rare, and expensive Headshell. The 400/450 use a more conventional Straight Headshell that can be bought by the dozens on Amazon in the £10 to £15 range. I think the DP300 Angled Head is about £30.

While the Start/Stop aspect might not appeal to some, it really appeals to me, and if my current turntable (1978) ever craps out, the Denon will be high on my list specifically because of that feature.

One negative aspect, hate the fancy Dust Cover. Would prefer a more conventional box cover.



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I think that the auto return thing, in particular, was frowned upon because of the perceived impact that it might have on playback quality. Many years ago I had a Philips turntable that had auto lift at the end of playback, and that was good enough for me. If I was in the market for vinyl playback, these new Denons would certainly be on my list to check out, but my last dalliance with vinyl was many, many years ago. Ah, the good old days of clicks, pops, scratched and warped records ...


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