NEWS: Cyrus Audio offers ONE Series home trials


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What they don't say is that the Cyrus Cadence app (android version) is currently broken and is still being re-developed. Mine completely refuses to connect to my Lyric despite Cyrus workarounds. This makes using a Cyrus product somewhat challenging.


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What's the issue with Cadence? I had an issue connecting a few months ago after an update but IIRC it was solved by turning something on or off in the settings. That was on Android BTW, but I'm using a StreamX not a Lyric. Does the ONE use Cadence or do thay have something more... modern?


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@mr_yogi My Cadence started to not connect, contacted Cyrus and they suggested turning of settings and rebooting etc. which worked for a week or so but now nothing will make it connect. They did say they are completely re-writing the app but also warned that it is some time away - no definite date.


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Wonder if this is in Europe to? Fancy seeing what a Cyrus/Focal combo sounds like with spending any £££


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Cyrus One has a dedicated app Bluetooth remote. Works fine for me off Android.
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