NEWS: Criterion streaming channel to launch April 8th 2019

Jessica Noir

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Of all the new streaming services to be launch, this is the only one which I would be interested in.

Sir QD oled

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Hopefully they adjust their plans and roll out to Europe ... but if they gonna survive in this crocodile pole that's another question:love:


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I'm scratching my head at this.

Criterion's customer base is (for wont of a better word) arthouse. They tend to be a bit more cinephile, a bit more bothered about quality, and I suspect a bit more bothered about owning physical media.

I may be completely wrong.

But I'm trying to think why I'd pay a tenner a month, largely for films that I've already bought (from Criterion), or new releases which will be coming out on Criterion, and which I'd buy anyway.

But that's maybe just me.


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Could still be easy to sign up. Depends on what info they want and if roaming is restricted.

But I would be interested in this. Not sure how long for though. Cant see say after a year to watch as much as you can/want there will be any enough content to keep a sub going.


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Just signed up for the 30-day free trial ready for the launch this Monday which kicks it off with a great selection of noir flicks, already excited for some of the other selections planned for the month ahead, anyone interested should sign up before Monday as there are discounts on the subs for those who do.
Heres some of the line-up for April
The Criterion Channel Announces Launch Lineup


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"Not available in my region"

You gotta laugh, better than stealing films, but you don't get to watch them either.



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Yeah you will need a VPN/DNS as its only US and Canada at min, can confirm its working though two pre-launch films already streaming John Woo's Last Hurrah For Chivalry and Demy's Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

That's cool. As long as you only need a VPN that's good. Deffo check out a free trial, but I think this will certainly be a thing to dip in and out off. Don't think I could keep a sub going month on month.

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