News Conference from Bristol Show - 12noon Friday.

Phil Hinton

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The first press event of the Bristol show this year was a presentation of Denon's new “Galactic Imperial Death Star”, the AVP-A1HD pre-amp and the POA-A1HD 10 channel amplifier, hooked up to £10k worth of B&W speakers and also premiering the new Blu-Ray transport from Denon (a US model substituting the UK model not due until late spring). Projection Design launched their ‘Aurora' brand of high end projection technology and finally everything was tied in with the exclusive footage from the BBC film ‘Earth' with presentations from the director and head of Technical production.

The press event took the form of 3 minute demos with discussion on each area, sound from Roger Bachelor of Denon, picture in terms of projection and film techniques wrapping each subject field together under the ‘Earth production'.

The Blu-ray transport will be an item of immediate appeal to forums members and the picture quality (helped by PD's top end machine) was nothing short of stunning. There was plenty detail and fine edges were crisp and clean and it certainly gave the same type of high end performance we have already seen from Pioneers LX70-a.

The projection quality was excellent and colour performance was superbly rendered. Obviously some time has been spent in calibrating the final image to produce one of the best so far at the show.

So one press event down, a busy show floor for a Friday and some truly excellent products on display, it looks like this years Bristol could be the best ever.

We will have more of the press events as they happen and post them here, plus any breaking news from the show floor.

(We have been busy capturing footage for our video presentations from the show, which should be online in a week or so, for those who can't make it.


Keep it coming phil :thumbsup: Looking forward to the video presentations as I could not make it this year :(
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