NEWS: Chord Electronics announces ULTIMA PRE 2 flagship preamp


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I guess stuff like this is Marmite, but to me this is one of the ugliest amps I've ever seen. Reminds me of those all-in-one Kenwood hifis you used to get for about 80 quid in the early nineties. Yuck.

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I rather like it though all a matter of taste I guess. I would never buy a piece of high end kit unless it had a bit of style built in. I wonder for example how many people bought a Michell Gyro rather than a Linn LP12 due to the Linn's comparatively plane-Jane looks? I know a guy who bought an Italian Pathos amp because he didn't want an expensive plain black box. I wouldn't buy a Lamborghini if it looked like a Ford either! (in my dreams of course :))


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She may sound amazing and for that amount of money, she should. But, she sure ain’t winning no beauty contest! For that money, I’d be looking at Luxman personally, but then I’m a sucker for VU meters.....😂


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I like it because it's a show piece of British Hifi Engineering and Electronics. I wouldnt want it but that doesnt matter.

We need that sort of thing, just like F1 etc.

(I thought Chords show room at the Bristol a couple of years ago sounded REALLY bad).
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