NEWS: Canton Smart Soundbar 10 adds Dolby Atmos


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No DTS X and no eARC. unless these can be added by firmware I feel this might be a missed opportunity, I hope I'm wrong as everything else about it looks perfect on paper and well priced against the samsung q90r/q80r.

Very odd decision tho not to add DTS X when you go to the trouble of adding upward firing speakers.


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Yamaha are over due, for a flagship soundbar update, their YSP-5600 has 3 HDMI ports, but only 1 is HDCP 2.2

dion 6

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3 hdmi inputs though, why can't Samsung manage that?

I'm curious, my Yamaha ysp2700 is aging :rotfl:
I used to have a Yamaha YSP 2500 soundbar before i went the AVR 5.1.2 rout and it was a great soundbar with 3 HDMI input which a lot of the new expensive Dolby Atmos soundbars don`t have. It means you can input 3 full lossless atmos devices stright into the soundbar eARC does`nt really matter because all the streaming services netflix and amazon stream in lossy atmos which ordinary arc can use. I thinks its about time Yamaha released a new dolby atmos soundbar with the latest spec and it would be a great seller.


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Have you seen the matching sub for sale anywhere?



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Contacted the above, the sub is £599, so when you compare to the Samsung HW-Q80R, £500 more for the equivelent setup (bar and sub). If only the Samsung had 3 HDMI ins!

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