NEWS: Cambridge Audio Edge Series launched


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All looks very nice. Can't help thinking the "listen first, measure later" mantra is a bit behind the times. The subjective era was at its peak in the 80's and 90's I thought when furious debates ensued about things like belt drive turntables being better than direct drive ones and so on raged.

Now we are well and truly in the digital era and the streamer and integrated Edge amps are obviously fully paid up members of this club I'd have thought ensuring they measured impeccably at these prices was something they would take as read as part of the requirements. The reason I say this is what are often considered the best sounding dacs are made by Chord and they knock the spots off the competition in terms of measured performance at their various price points. There seems a direct correlation between the sonic merits of a lot of digital equipment and how well it measures that doesn't necessarily hold for other components.

Of course they could also measure impeccably but I can't help thinking this slogan is a ready made excuse for them not doing.
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