NEWS: Box Office still important draw for movie goers

People love movies, they always have. It's their watching habits that are changing. moviegoers dont want to spend a fortune on multiplexes anymore. They want to watch a movie in the comfort of their homes, among their loved ones.
Somehow film studios make everything about themselves in the end. They pump billions into making a film, only to realize how aware people are about piracy tactics. Movie theaters would become a vestige of the past pretty soon.

barnaby jones

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I believe they’ll always be a place for cinema, premium, large format and more cutting edge tech is the only way forward for cinema imo. When I see films on a bog standard screen these days, I often feel like it’ll look better at home on my 4K screen. That’s said, it’s still my preferred way to watch movies.


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When will the studios rein in the marketing guys who completely spoil a film by placing so many important plot points in the trailers?

If I watch a trailer it would only be after seeing the film.
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