NEWS: Apple TV+ and Arcade both $4.99 per month


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Really for what you get at that price the Apple TV+ subscription is pretty poor. There's not exactly a large collection to go through. Can see why they will be giving out a year of sub free. Get people onto the platform as it grows and actually has content.. then they won't want to leave. As getting them onboard else seems unlikely.


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As I understand it, if you buy one (major) Apple product a year, you get a rolling ATV+ subcription thrown in. It remains to be seen whether the content justifies the need for a subscription in addition to people's existing Netflix/Amazon/Sky subscriptions.


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They have to pitch in low because they are so late to the party.

And as others have said we have to see what the content is.

There are too many players coming to the game, too many to exist in harmony - I see some either failing or being bought up and merged into others.




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To me this looks good, I have Netflix but don't subscribe to sky or anything else. I'd be happy to pay in addition to Netflix but it seems you'll need an Apple device to get this, and it won't Chromecast etc, that might be a spanner in the works, I'd sign up if I could use it on my existing setup


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I thought they were going to roll out an Apple app to other devices like the Roku etc. ...
... yep "in the future"
"Apple TV+ will also be available on the Apple TV app on select 2018, 2019 and newer Samsung smart TVs, and on Amazon Fire TV, LG, Roku, Sony and VIZIO platforms in the future."
Without 3rd part hardware support they'll really limit their reach.

None of Apple's content interests me though, even for the price.
Still plenty on Netflix keeping me entertained, and Disney has some content I'll want if they ever get their app/subscription released in the UK so I'm more likely to spend my money on that.


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Im really interested in the 5 pounds arcade thing. For the cost of one game, you get one hundred for one year!
I don't mind if are the best graphics or not, if they are for kinds and entertain them, don't mind to pay the cost of a pint.
....and I have the excuse to get the apple tv....

about the tv.........having Netflix and amazon , not sure if interested! no time to watch all!!!!

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