NEWS: Amazon Prime Video goes global


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Now I just have to figure out if there's anything other than The Grand Tour that I'd want to watch on it.


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Worse, is the extraordinarily narrow range of devices allowed to view Amazon Prune.
Netflix is automatically served up via our BDP with all three remotes available.
Our steam-powered JVC 37" TV doesn't do streaming.
To "enjoy" Amazon Prune's incredibly limited range of programmes and films we'd have to buy a new TV.
But only a post 2015 LG or Samsung?

Messing about with the Google Chromecast 2 just isn't going to happen!
We have hardly ever used it thanks to its browser specific access and endless fiddling.
Not to mention running back and forth because none of the remotes work any more!
Which means the computer must run simultaneously just to watch Amazon Prune TV?

The LG BDP shows Netflix via the router with the computer and screen having a well earned rest.
Fire up the computer and monitor just to play the next episode of Three [very] old men in a Car?
Or to search for a film [any film] we haven't hired [decades ago] and probably still have a dusty copy in HD-ready on the shelf in VHS?
What a rip-off!
Continue to the end of Amazon Prune's "Free" weak?
Are you taking the Bezos?
Nah. I'm pulling the plug on my credit card now! :mad:


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Amazon Video is available on a lot of devices. You don't need to buy a new TV. The FireTV or Fire Stick is probably the best option as they have integrated search with Netflix content, and are both on sale at the moment (though I'd wait for the faster 2nd gen fire stick to come to the UK before buying one).


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Hi Darren

I just did a search for Fire Stick and they are not presently available from Amazon. :D

You have Fire Stick, Kemo sabe? Me Tonto. ;)

I'll keep an eye out for your recommendation.

Thanks. :smashin:

Greg Hook

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Thanks for the link, but not available for delivery to Denmark.
Amazon are not even shipping the latest FS device in the US until after 28th Dec.

I read a few of 3500 1star Amazon reviews [as you do.]
It seems it will help to keep the house nicely warm in winter.
That's a bonus. Good name then. Though I might have preferred "Kindling."
If only to avoid associations with the white supremacist, B&W, cowboy series from the 1950s.
Further reviews suggest Amazon is still shipping outdated stock to Gravely Blighted.

Still not sure I can plug the FS into my AVR to enjoy "proper" 5.8 sound.[sic]
Hopefully via my router so I can switch off my computer for the evening [as is usual via the BDP]
Otherwise there is no advantage over the [similarly hopeless] Chromecast 2.
The steaming [i.e.non-streaming] JVC TV has only two HDMI ports.
Both are almost inaccessible without a safety harness and hard hat so very unlikely to be "fiddled with" ever again.
The on-board TV sound is in faux stereo-ready only and absolutely [insert expletive here of your own choosing.]

Tonto :)


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Amazon Video is available on a lot of devices.
I don't think that is completely correct. I've been trying to find a standalone device to do Amazon in HDR and that's not easy in the UK with simple streaming devices. You need to buy a more elaborate machine. Getting a simple cheap streaming device for Netflix HDR is easy, like a Chromecast Ultra for example. Even if you ignore HDR capability Netflix is far more omnipresent on devices than Amazon. Amazon are a bit parochial and don't support competitor devices such as Google for example.

As to the content it's not as bad as some are saying. Today I'll be watching Lomgmire which is on UK Amazon for purchase but not UK Netflix. Plenty of other examples like that and Netflix is superior but only 55 to 45. I couldn't do without either.

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