NEWS: Acorn TV streaming service to launch in UK


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Not tempted at all...:laugh:


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Am I unique in already having 10* more stuff to watch and listen to than I could ever have the time to actually watch?

Ignoring the expense, they could have the best programming in the world and I wouldn't even think of signing up to anything else.

The only thing that vaguely raised an eyebrow was the BFI archive for £4.99 and that's only because I love British cinema and I'd imagine it has 100's of items you just can't get or watch anywhere else.

In a few YEARS once I've got through the backlog of Netflix, Sky On Demand, Amazon Prime and other miscellaneous stuff I want to go through then maybe.



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Its the future, expect more and more as time goes on, I think the more options we have the better 👍
Except it's absolutely not for us as consumers. Choice is the marketing lies they sell us which really means fragmentation and the illusion of choice.

Let's just take Disney as a case in point.

They have already pulled most of their content from every other platform and I would imagine over the next couple of years it's going to get worse as contracts and licensing expires. Ultimately content will ONLY get released on Disney+. So as a consumer, I've gone from (lets say for arguments sake) £12 for Netflix to watch my content to £12 plus £6.

Now expand this to it's logical conclusion where ALL content starts to become exclusive to platforms and there may be 20+ to choose from.

I'm kinda praying someone develops a single app with a reasonable single payment that covers them all. Sky is looking the nearest though they're all separate same price subs at the moment.

Fragmentation is really really really bad for consumers and benefits absolutely no one except the content providers that results in us paying more for less content. That's never in our interest.



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more fragmentation , no thanks , its getting to the point where you can't keep up if you want to watch all the things you want , to cover all my needs I would want 5 separate subscription services , that aint happening so something has to be not watched , question is , what , sky is prime to be going unless they give me a cracking deal in the 30 day notice period , I'll miss it but can't justify the price anymore .....


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All these services are starting to make sky look good value again


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Ok. I guess I’m the sort of person that doesn’t watch tv as much as others so I see your point. Netflix, Blu-ray and Freesat offer enough for me and my family. There’s so much to do I don’t know how some of my friends find the time to watch soo many series. But I can see if you have the time to watch lots of TV and want to keep up watching the latest and the best you will start to pay more. Surely having a larger pool to choose from lets people pick and choose want they want? I left sky years ago and nothing they have is attracting me to want to come back.. and if a new streamer offers me what I want to watch I’d be happy to pay with my cash.. rather than have Hundreds of channels of .........

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