News 24 in "stretchy-vision" on public plasma screens


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Jun 7, 2001
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Over the past year plasma screens have been increasingly showing up in public places, such as airports, hotels and company reception areas. They are normally 42 inch widescreen types.
Since the begin of the year, everyone I have seen has been displaying BBC News 24.

But here is what bugs me:
EVERY single one has been displaying a 4:3 version (ie sat or free-view box set to 4:3 – cutting off the sides of the picture) stretched to fit the 16:9 screen! There really is no excuse for this.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I was also around a friends house last week who has had a 42 inch 16:9 plasma (which he runs from a sky box) since December. Again he had the box set to 4:3 and the screen on stretchy-vision. He is an IT consultant, so technical inability wasn’t the reason. (Maybe not reading the manual was!)

(Also a colleague at work recently told me that this was why he had just brought a new 4:3 LCD TV rather than a widescreen one because everyone looks short and fat on widescreen TV’s! :suicide: )

I’m not against watching 4:3 programs in stretchy-vision – what ever floats your boat and I understand screen burn problems that watching in pillarbox could cause. But it makes no sense at all to crop your loverly 16:9 picture to 4:3, then stretch it back out to fill a 16:9 display.

I TOTALLY agree with you. I think it's down to ignorance rather than preference. The amount of times I've been round to a friends house, and had to set up their Sky/Xbox/PS2 for 16:9 for them ('cos it was bugging the hell out of me!).... they didn't realise there were things called "settings" that they could "change".

Bless them.
You know, when I bought my first widescreen TV, I had several people tell me that I really shouldn't because everyone just looks short and fat all the time...

I've been round to 2 freinds houses and had to change the 16:9 settings on sky, just cuz it was bugging me!!

But It's not olny "users" who don't know these settings, some I know already had widescreen tv, had Sky put in, and the installer didn't even change it to 16:9 grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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