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Good afternoon,

Over the last few weeks I have been using handbrake to convert all my videos to .m4v format.

This is due to the fact that im going to be getting an ipad 2 in the new year and an Apple TV 2 aswell and I am fed up of converting my avi's to mp4s to put on my devices.

At the moment a am using a 250 slim 360 as my media player, playing off of a linkstation NAS drive running twonkey. (unknow firmwear) and the avi's run just fine the newly converted m4v on the other hand do not. the 360 sees them in the folder but will not play them giving an error code.

Is this a 360 problem a twonkey problem and is it fixable? or have i just wasted a load of time converting my media to a useless format??

thanks for the help

p.s I am using the Apple TV preset on handbrake in case that makes a difference
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First see if the M4V files play from a USB drive, the Xbox 360's UPnP support is notoriously buggy.

Also I assume you didn't change anything audio wise as the 360 cannot handle AC3 audio in M4V only stereo AAC.


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Microsoft don't care at all about the local media player functions on the 360.

I forgot one other thing the Handbrake preset for the ATV2 enables 64-bit MP4 support for large file sizes, the 360 doesn't support this either.

For a ATV2/X360 preset do this
* Select AppleTV2 preset
* Untick Large File Size on the main screen
* Go to the audio tab and remove the AC3 passthru track
* On the video tab filters tab enable decomb setting (optional for better quality video if converting DVDs')

Click presets->save to make a new one and the videos should work through iTunes/AppleTV/X360.

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