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Dear All,

Firstly I want to start with what a superb forum, I have been reading posts on here and researching on here for ages now and love it!!!!! You have all helped me very much in my final decisions on some of the kit I am to purchase soon. I have taken advice on getting some demos and they are happening on Saturday.

Now down to business ;-)

My equipment that soon to be purchase is as follows:

Denon 3805 (slightly worried about remote as complaints even on the new blue one but seems the best buy for me with a 50/50 split for music and movies)

Denon 3910 (Seems a very good dvd player that will also play CD's at a good enough quality so as not to degrade my system.)

Aelite 3 (Floorstanding speakers 175w enough power for me easily, look nice, built well and from the reviews I can find are very good indeed - having them demo'd on Sat)

Aelite 2 (These will be my rear surround speakers)

Centre speaker (not sure what make yet going to have a test on sat - any advice would be great)

REL Stratas sub (Apparently very good in reviews, recomended by professionals and also getting demo'd on sat)

Sky + (Already have this)

PC (Used for VNC to upstairs study via wireless networking - also needs to be connected to amp to play mp3's)

TV (Undecided currently, I have 2k spare in my budget left after the above purchases and so really can't get my head round what to do. If I buy now I could get a nice Panasonic plasma 42" however it wont be HD ready. I will very much struggle to get any plasma fully HD ready now for my budget. I need a screen that will do 1024 x 769 red and have a decent contrast ratio. I think LCD's are too expensive at that size and DLP are pretty much out as they are not meant for PC hook up and go back too far (width normally 15" as appose to plasma 5" or less)

So the setup:

Current rear projection Toshiba 42" TV (3yrs old)

Denon receiver 3805

Denon DVD/CD 3910




Please give me any advise you have on the above setup and also your thoughts on the speakers as they are reasonably new. I am also looking at Quads and maybe some Kef too.


How do I connect my TV and SKY+ to the receiver? Everything I do I want the output to go through the speakers. I dont want to use the TV's speakers as I blew one of them playing top gun full blast one wobbly night a few years ago :oops: (there was no gay smiley :D )

p.s i'm not just incase anyone was wondering... each to their own...

Note - I have a few ports on my tv of which consist of scarts, RGB at front and I think possibly rear. I have searched everywhere to find the make and model of the Toshiba TV but its not for sale anymore. It was bought from currys and is dark grey all over, it is tall as it sits on its own speakers.

I am certain that with some playing (probably days of) I wiull be able to get the most from my receivers through my speakers. I have read up on the set EQ to front posts and will try all this. I will also utilise the direct mode for both DVD player and receiver to change to analogue mode to 2 channel. This will then hopefully play my music just through my floorstanding Aelite 3's.

I am not 100% on what speakers to buy and maybe when I have listened to a few all this will change but this is the initial plan :thumbsup:

:lease: :lease: :lease: Help :(


your speaker choices are infinite.

analysing reviews and the such is a waste of time: you've got the right idea with just demoing.

i would definitely suggest you demo an all Kef XQ Series, including their subwoofer. i only spent 30 minutes with one, but is was easily one of the best systems ive ever heard, for both music and movies, and boy are they sexy too. ive always felt Kef's high-end range are some of the best speakers ever made, and these are no exception.


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If you want Hi Def ready, and a large screen, for 2K, I'm thinking Rear projection DLP, would suit your needs perfectly :) Not sure where you heard that DLP can't be used for PC hook up, they should be perfectly fine via DVI.


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DLP I meant was not designed for PC hookup rather than it wont work....

KEF are expensive when you get into the high end of the market and I dont have more than 2k to spend on speaker package. I am going to stop at 5.1 surround for the moment and upgrade at a later date to 7.1.

What is the best DLP out at the moment for under 2k? I have heard that the Toshiba is very good but what is the best? I will review the posts in that specific forum in a minute but would be interested in your views.

What do you suggest also for a centre speaker for my setup?



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As you already have the Aelite, that would probably be best to get a centre from the same range/manufacturer.
Remeber that HD will be scaled down to the resolution of your TV so although you'll not see evey single pixel, if the tv has a decent scaler inside the picture from HD will still look fantastic (better than DVD and SD depending on the res of the panel and quality of the scaler).

A projector is always good for big screen action, although you probably wouldn't want to use it for every day TV watching (although i can't resist when SG1 comes on). So if your happy with your current TV for normal soap viewing ect... than from 2k you can get a good projector and screen. Most ones around this price range are HD ready and you could add a third party scaler later to improve the quaility even further if you wanted.

BTW the DLP rear projector i've seen have the same problem as all rear projectors, i.e. if your not standing in the exact right place or there abouts you can't see the image very well. Dixons might not have had it set up properly but it seems to be an inherent technology thing (it was the samsung one I believe)

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