newest plasma from panasonic's Japanese website


roger cheng

Dear All:
Just found a new plasma information on the following website(which is japanese):
and this new panny is due in Japan in this June.The model, px300, can display a stunning 3.6 billion and 20 millions colours. I am wondering when will this one go to UK's market.


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If it ever will make it to UK market.... :( Hope so though, couple of HDMI's, looks like this "Peaks" chip thing is meant to do some clever processing, XGA res, and does that say iLink, and LAN connections!!!!!

[mental note to self - learn Japanese]


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Hi Roger, you have just made my decision even harder now!

I was all set to order a PE30 but I am now thinking that I should hang on for a bit as I really fancy the idea of a Panasonic with HDMI connectors. Don't suppose anyone out there has any idea if/when these could be available for the uk? I guess it won't be for a while as the PE30's have only just come out.


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I wouldn't hold your breath grumps. USA and Japan have had the PX20 model since last summer - an XGA 42" Telly with HDMI that never made it to these shores. Hence my slightly negative comments about the PX300 :(

I think the PEAKS processing will find it's way into the 7 series though :thumbsup:
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