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I'm planning a long trip across Asia from September onwards and am thinking of recording sections of he experience onto video.

I need a format that isn't too heavy, relatively inexpensive and that can be stored (on tape maybe) before i return with a huge editing task on my hands. Which format best suits my situation? I will probably need to store quite a lot of stuff so that should probably be a consideration too.

I would like something of digital quality though obviously am open to suggestions.
Apologies for my ignorance and lack of knowledege but we all have to start somewhere don't we?

Thanks in advance....mister_richard



Hello Mr R and welcome to the forum.

Well if size is the main concern then the smallest, but high quality tape based camcorders are the Sony MicroMV's. These use very small tapes and therefore the cams are smaller. They are only made by Sony so the range of cams available is quite limited. They are digital and can be downloaded easily onto a PC for editing when you get home and are now compatable with most of the latest versions of editing software.
The next best option would be the slightly larger but better quality mini DV camcorders. These aree made by just about all the large cam makers and vary in price from £1-200 up to £2-3,000. Just about all editing software will be able to capture and edit from a DV camcorder.

My advise on choosing a camcorder is to visit a local shop and play with a few. See which ones feel ok to you to hold. Some may feel too small or uncomfortable even though others here may highly recommend them. Find the ones that you like and then ask questions about it here. If you decide on the one thats for you then find the best internet price you can and take the details along to a Jessops and they will price match it.
Remember to budget for at least one spare high capacity battery as the supplied one is unlikely to last more than around 1 hour. Also you will need loads of tapes as these only last 1 hour.

Hope this answers at least some of your questions. Feel free to ask if there are any more, I'm sure there are plenty you need to ask.



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Following on from Mark's comments on batteries, ensure you take an adaptor so that you can plug in and re-charge your batteries or else you will return with a lot of blank tapes!!:rotfl:



Good thinking batman!


Once I get around to having a good look around and hunting out the possibilities i'm sure i'll be back for some specific guidance!

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