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Hello all,

I am new to this forum so pls be gentle lol, anyways I was wondering of you guys could shed some light on the following pls :

I'm purchasing the 50'' panny from comet hd ready (699 hopefully) so will be watching movies on that.

I already have a subwoofer and surround speakers thats all sorted.

The headache I have at the moment is which AV do I go for I know nothing about them anymore. Could you pls advise my budget is around 250 -300 I'd like it to look nice too.

Can I run sound and images via hdmi to the amp?

Oh I think I will be going for one of the panny blu rays at some stage too not sure which one think its around 300 pounds.

Pls help :eek:

Thanks in advance.


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What are your speakers? Is it an active sub (i.e. does it have its own power supply)? With certain av amps/receivers there are sometimes issues of speaker matching in terms of their nominal impedance (- it should be listed somewhere in the specification usually along with the suggested power rating) hence the earlier question. But otherwise if you can post the make and model of them it should be possible to look up the details. Likewise with the sub, as long as it's an active sub then it ought to be compatible. Depending on your particular combination of sources and within budget, you consider the likes of the Yamaha DSPAX861se and Sony STR-DG820.

With both suggestions as long as the source does surround audio over hdmi, then it's not necessary to use a separate audio connection. Otherwise for certain sources you would use an optical or coaxial digital connection - this is necessary with SkyHD for example, since even though it has hdmi output it's stereo only sound.

The Panasonic BD35 standalone blu ray player can either decode all the blu ray associated 'hd' soundtracks itself and output them over hdmi. Hence in-built 'hd' amp audio decoding isn't required as such - a feature present on the Sony STR-DG820 but not on the Yamaha DSP-AX861se. Other differences with the two models are the extra hdmi inputs on the Sony. The Yamaha does in my opinion sound better and offers other features such as the ability to upscale analogue video inputs so they can be output over a single hdmi cable. As you didn't mention your other sources, it's tricky to say whether that's going to be useful to you.

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Very similar to the kef oval metal finish ones they are are called 'synn' they are the size of a small rugby ball.

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Yes mate thats them why are they crap ?
don't know if they're crap or not, but they're power rating (30W) certainly suggests that they wouldn't be a good match for the amps mentioned earlier. You really need some speakers rated at around 100W and with an impedance of 6 or 8 ohms.


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I'm not worried about the surround speakers at the moment just wanted to know hich amp and blu ray would be best suited.
Many thanks to everyone to helped with the advice really appreciate it. The search begins .........................

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