Newbie Zoom Player User needs help !!


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Hi All,

Well i've discovered Zoom Player, and it's great !! :clap:

Much better interface than PowerDVD, and so much to tweak !!

Right back to the problem........with Zoom Player i've made a custom configuration with WinDVD v5 video filter, and PowerDVD v5 audio filter for DVD playback, and that works great.

The problem is media playback, any files i've grabbed with DVD-Shrink v3.1 will play the video, but not the audio ??

Any Ideas ?? I did do a search but came up with little info for Zoom Player.

One other thing, what is FFDShow and Reclock ?? Would they be useful to me ??

HTPC Spec.

PIII 1ghz (Well 1005 actually)
Gigabyte GA6-IEML Mainboard
512mb 133mhz SDRAM
On board AC'97 Sound (Just use Coax SPDIF, connected to the Marantz Amp)
Radeon 9500 128MB non pro
Pioneer 105SZ DVD Drive
10gig WD 7200 HD (Programs)
80gig WD 7200 HD (Data)
WinXP Pro SP1




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Cheers for the info dek1965, i did have a look at that earlier today, but thought i've got all the filters needed for media playback.

If i could get the PowerDVD Audio filter to work in media mode, that'll sort it for me.

Still learning this great new program, long learning curve ahead.


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u should play the files u grabbed with shrink in dvd mode, start up z/player then right click in window, select open file, then select the file you want to play


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I did that, and it does play the full DVD backups. But then it doesn't play my clip files, but PowerDVD & WinDVD play them ok ??

Some of these clip files are either downloads or are extracted from DVD using DVD Shrink v3.1 in reauthor mode. Some clips are DD, some DTS, and then some are both.

Maybe i should do a quick grab with DVD Shrink again, and see if that works ??

Otherwise i'll have to use one of the other players to play the clips ??

I'm sure it's an easy fix, just trying to track down why it doesn't work ??


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Well i've got the DVD shrink clips to play now, shame i can't get my downloaded clips to work. Must be another codec issue ??

Also got Girder working as well, so many entries to choose'd need one hell of a remote to control that lot !! :D

One other question i'd like to ask, is the screensaver that is setup in ZP, can you change it to say another one setup in windows ??

Apart from that it's getting better, it's still a bit sloppy on layer changes....some R1 disks don't change layer properly, and cause the PC to mute the audio ??

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