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    Hello everyone, I've been reading the threads before I joined and found them very informative, thank you.
    I have a couple of problems and wonder if someone can help me with them please?
    I'd best tell you what equipment I have first.
    I have a Lite On 5000B DVD recorder, which I have had for a week, I am very happy with it at the moment.
    I also have a Vivitar DVR 390H multimedia camera, this has a USB 2.00 connection for the computer, also a RGB cable connects to input AV and output AV to connect either directly to the DVD recorder or I can use the input/output RGBs on the back of my old TV. Both work fine to get mpegs/Avi's from the camera back to the DVD recorder or I can send them back to my video machine and record on tape (for family who don't have computers). using the AV button on my old TV, I have the DVD recorder.VHS machine/TV all tuned into AV channel.
    I use Magix Movie Edit Pro 2005 to make my own movies, after editing, I've transferred video tapes (sent to me from relatives in Australia), in small sections onto the camera, edited them in Magix Movie, sent them back to camera and burnt them onto the DVD recorder without any problems.
    I've also made SVCD and VCD using the DVD recorder and also done the same using my CD writer on the computer, (disks have played back OK on the DVD recorder).
    Now to my questions:-
    (1) Any DVD+RW created on the Lite-On are not playing back through my DVD player on the computer, (I have PowerDVD and PCFriendlyDVD software), is their a reason for this?, I have not finalised the DVDs as recommended in the Lite On manual.
    (2) I have a firewire port on the DVD Recorder and 3 firewire ports on the computer, can I connect the Lite On DVD recorder to the computer and burn DVDs directly to the DVD recorder using the firewire port on the recorder?
    If so, how do I get windows XP or my movie software to recognise that a DVD recorder is connected?
    (3) If I cannot do (2) above, a recommendation for an external DVD writer/rewriter would be most helpful, either firewire connection or USB 2.00, or both as an alternative choice. (Which is the quickest USB 2.00 or Firewire for transferring large amounts of movie back to a burner?)
    Sorry for long first post,

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