Newbie with Question about DVD software, decoder, post processor


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Newbie here. Been a member for a while now browsing but never posted.

I've built a HTPC/Game Pc about 5 months ago now and I've just got round to experimenting with different DVD player software eg PowerDVD, TheaterTek, Vista Media Center.

PC Spec

Antec Fusion Black Case
Intel DG33TL
Intel E6320
Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C5 TwinX (2x1GB)
Lite On DVD Writer
Vista Home Premium 32bit

DVD Player

Right been trying to understand how these work. Does the software first decode the video using its own codec then depending on the software you can apply a Post processor like PureVideo, ati avivo, ffdshow to help improve the picture?

Been playing with the trial of Theatertek last night. It appears it comes with PureVideo as a post processor (If I got the above bit right). I found when selecting ffdshow as option 1 in the post processor option and leaving option 2 off it still using purevideo as well as ffdshow. Is this right?

I also find when using the above config, and only selecting upscaling (even if you dont increase the res) in ffdshow the picture is improved. Why is this?

Edit Ok it seems this is my 7th post. I must be loosing my mind.
Thanks and sorry for the long intro

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