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Brand new bght 1st. camcord ystdy. Pan. HDC HS900K. From research download to DVD is not so good, what do you recommend? What wiring. Can I use just internal memory til after xmas?, only shooting kids xmas. Or add external for safety, never used 1 of these before. Any tips on using appreciated.


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Your 900 has some internal memory, is that it?
I'd suggest you get a SDHC card at least 16G (Amazon £14 class 10) . .. this is the easiest means of geting Vids onto a PC . . .
(Although it's not entirely straightforward. Many here use Sony Vegas Studio v11 - about £34 for the Production Suite, that would be very good.)
You'll need a high spec PC, mine's dual-core 32-bit Win7 - but quad-core would be better . . .

You can use the Int memory until it fills up (RTFM), but some have experienced "difficulty" transferring afterwards.

Perhaps another owner can advise . . .

EDIT: What do you mean,#3 by: " What is proper speed for frame when recording movies? "
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Harry, Thank u for the response. Yes, the 900 comes with a memory card of 32GB. Est. 1hr. life. They in there manual recommend SDXC card of 48GB/64 GB or your SDHC of 4GB ...16,24,32GB. And a Class 4.
Guess I'll go and get some SDXC cards. Just need them for inside right now. And it's dry and sunny come Feb/Mar here in TX. Not wet like Kilmarnock, grew up there. What is proper speed for frame when recording movies?

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