newbie with hd question


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Hello all

This is my first post here but hopefully you can help me.

Have had the pc connected to the tv for awhile now(very basically in comparison to the installs on here) and i'm now starting to get some hd content films, however when we try to watch them the film, programme is rather stuttery, in 1080p or 720p.

The motherboard is a gigabyte s-series one which does support hdmi with the onboard graphics card, we are running 2 gig ram on dual core or so i'm told, as you can guess pc is not my native tongue

Would a dedicated graphics card sort the problem? if so can anyone recommend a good one?

The pc is connected to the tv through the stereo on a hdmi cable if that makes any difference

Thanks in advance



Hi Tony and Welcome to the HTPC Farm we are sane here trust me :hiya:

What Software are you using for playback and what operating system are you using?


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Sane you say, i'll leave now then.

With regards to o/s i'm running windows 7, have been using vlc for general playback but that really has a hissy fit with hd media, tried media centre with it earlier and it was better, not so jerky but still not running very well

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