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You better stay clear of that. It uses S-IPS panel and PQ is midcore.

The following information is quoted from my guide

Beware of IPS LCD.

S-IPS on the other hand is used by LG.Philips. S-IPS is designed for static viewing. In another word, it's designed for photo editing, medical use and public displays because it has wider viewing angels and outstanding color quality but it's not suitable for compressed videos.

The S-IPS used by LG.Philips is poor as it has twinkling effect, low contrast, poor viewing angles, strong afterglow etc... However, high quality S-IPS has outstanding color and viewing angles but that's not the case here.


Overdrive was invented by manufactures to lower the repose time by increasing voltage/amp levels on LCD panel. If the overdrive incorrectly configured or over used, it would sometimes cause pixel to malfunction permanently or prevents it form fully turning. In most cases, overdrive will cause image retention, dithering and twinkling effect on compressed videos. If image retention occurs, unplug the LCD form the mains for 24hours before use.


I know I sound like a stuck record now (and carrying the review of my TV in my signature makes it look like I'm paid by Toshiba but i'm not) but before you plump for the LG take a look at the Toshiba WLT32 which can be had for around £750 now I believe (a bargain). It's got good features, great PQ, looks nice etc.

LGs have always looked good when I've been in currys, that's cos they ALWAYS have them hooked up to HD material so they blow most of the other sets being fed poor DTV feeds away. Don't base your purchase on that and make sure you demo all the tvs you are interested in with a known DVD or something.

I'm not saying the LGs are bad at all, I was looking at them (along with the Samsungs) before I settled on the Toshiba. Basically it felt a better TV to me and looked the part and had fewer niggles than the Samsung. edit > Nielo TM has a point though. Actually I just clicked the link (after posting this) and saw the TV and Price. Yes, it may be wise to avoid perhaps but if you really are restricted to sub £600 I can't offer any more advice as my target area was £800-£1000 (you get what you pay for I guess). The Tosh is still a relative bargain now it's dropping in price to make way for the new WL68 series.

Also check out the Sony S series and the JVC DX7 (though the Sony is typically far more expensive).

There should be an LG thread around here somewhere (Do a search) with more info from actual owners who will give you a fairer and more informed opinion than I can ;)

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