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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Tipsy McStagger, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Hello there, first post I'm afraid. :hiya:

    I've decided that I need a new TV and have put two grand aside for the TV itself and all associated equipment.

    To set the scene a little, I've got four children from 17, 15, 3 and six weeks - whilst I have no choice but to expose the screen and two free standing speakers to jammy fingers it will sit on top of a cabinet to house everything else.

    I've got my eye on a Hitachi 7200 despite the ugly silver rim at the bottom and was hoping you could advise me on what associated equipment I need to bring it to live. I've also got Sky+, a Denon CD player, an iPod and a couple of smart free standing speakers that I bought when I purchased my separates system in 2001.

    What I want to know (please) is:

    1) Is the Hitachi7200 the best use of my £1,400 and
    2) Is my budget for the rest of the peripherals needed (amp and connectors - anything else?) realistic
    2) what amp (if indeed it is an amp I need) should I buy to pull all this gear together and be able to run it out of the speakers.

    For reference, I'll be sitting about 10 feet away from the screen that will be about three feet off the ground (on top of a cabinet) - I know this kind of info can be relevant to you guys.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Hello Tipsy, welcome to the forum.

    The answers to your question are subjective but he's my tuppence worth:-

    1) Certainly the 7200 is well thought of and has a very good following here. The price you quote seems very reasonable given that only a few months ago these were selling for closer to £2k. I suppose those reflects the imminent replacement of this model.
    2) I see you only have 2 speakers. I would have thought you might want to get at least a 5.1 setup. On this basis you might be hard pushed to squeeze an AMP, Speakers and connectitivity into £600 quid, especially as rule of thumb costs for connectivity are 10% of cost of kit.

    I suppose you could examine where you have spent your money and look at other options for example if you are not fussed on HD you could consider a Standard Definition panel which might be slightly cheaper.

    Anyway - you should get some thoughts from others and the frequently asked questions sticky has some good guidance as well.

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