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I want to network my three pc’s using a wireless network but i'm not sure what I need? I don’t have access to broadband yet but that will change sometime this year.

Is this all i need to get up and running?
3Com OC Wireless 11a/b/g Access Point UK 54 Mbps 802.11a/802.11g,

And three SMC EZ Connect G Wireless PCI 54Mbps 802.11g cards

Or am i missing something? I would prefer to buy from komplett of dabs.

Thanks for any help.


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The wireless cards will be fine, but drop the access point and get a wireless router instead.

The router will act as a normal network switch, so your PCs will all be able to talk to each other, and you can share your dial up account between them in the same way you do now (if you have an existing network).

Once you make the move to broadband, you can just plug our cable/adsl modem into the router and away you go :)

The only thing you'll need to double check first is the type of broadband you will be getting. Not all of the routers support all of the protocols (only really applies if you go down the ADSL route). You should be able to find out from the ISP what you'll need.

I would also try and stick to the same brand of kit. Although these things are all supposed to work together, some people have reported problems when trying to get different brands working together.

I personally went for the Linksys kit and it was simple to setup and works a treat.


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On this subject I've got a netgear DG824M and a Netgear MA111 USB wireless adaptor. I'm having all sorts of problems sending data from one PC to another, it just keeps losing the wireless connection (i.e. the router needs rebooting) or will crash. I can't stream a divx movie from one PC to another which should work fine. If I try and download a large file on the PC with the MA111 adaptor it will invariably not download the full file and the task for the wireless adaptor will end up not responding and I'll have to reboot to get the connection back.. It's a bit of a nightmare, anyone any ideas? The signal strength on the wireless is approx 55% strength and 40% quality if that makes any difference.


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Are you running windows XP? If so right click on the wireless connection in network connections, which will bring up the properties,, choose the wireless networks tab and un check the use windows to configure my wireless network and configue it your self. I had a similar problem until I did this.

Big Al


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Hi, yes I'm using XP but when I right click on the wireless connection I get a list the last of which is properties, if I select that I just have 'General', 'Authentication' and 'Advanced' tabs to choose from and no sign of anything saying use windows to configure my wireless network... I think I've disabled the windows stuff anyway to be honest. Thanks for the advice anyway


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