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I am thinking about adding a Rotel RB1070 130w*2ch! to my existing Yamaha 1300!..(100w)... Do you think this will improve my sound quality? (Driving Paradigm Monitor 7v3)

Might do. Depends how "compatible" the sounds of the two amps are. Do they have the same gain which may affect biwiring? The Rotel may add some colour to the sound which you don't like or it could be just the change you are looking for. You certainly won't be lacking in any power tho':devil:
The rotel would without doubt improve the quality of the channels which it drives, but there may be integration issues with your current amp. I would be 90% sure you would get a good improvement.

by the way, the power ratings mean just about nothing!


"but there may be integration issues with your current amp."

What do u mean by that?

I think Nobber means bi-amping. However this is not advisable if two amps from different makes are used and IMHO the Yamaha will disconnect the internal amps when using the pre-outs.

If that's no issue you could easily add an external power amp, there are no "integration issues" as such.
As Reiner said! If you simply replace your front channels with the rotel, you will have no problems at all and should ge a good improvement!
I have a Yamaha RXV630 and hooked up a NAD C270. IMHO, the 630's Pre-Amp section seems to match well with the NAD. Didn't try the Rotel.
Sometimes I guess you might be lucky, but a lot of the time it may be a case of how nit picky you are. I know i havent managed to biamp using 2 different amps, but this maybe because I listen to my front pain a lot for music uses. I cant qualify whether biamping with unmatched amps will be particularly bad for performance in a cinema only set up. I would still think that the amps need to be pretty closely matched else, even with cinema, the sound wont be particularly nice.


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