Newbie.. well sort of anyway!!

Morning Gents/Ladies :)

Ive been floating about and lurking for a while and decided i should make a post and introduce myself :)

My names Faz, Im the marketing manager for BBG Distribution and look after a few AV brands in the UK. Namely:

-Jamo (I dont really have much to do with this one though- dealt with externally!)

I'l be floating about, not trying to do any unsolicited pimping but thought best that i introduce myself as a trade member before anyone asks!

anyway- look forward to getting to know people etc. :)

Ta! :thumbsup:

Ian J

Welcome Faz. I have changed your user group so that people can see that you are in the biz.
thanks for the welcome gents!

strictly speaking we arent in retail, we supply to the retailers but hey-ho! :lol:

im hungry as hel today. no brekkie this morning and into the office. not used to that. sitting here starving. KFC junk for lunch today methinks! :D :smashin:


Xusia Of Delos said:
In the biz, is that similar to being on the game?

He has already mentioned pimping , so in answer to your question , probably :rotfl:

welcome FAZ

Hi Faz and welcome (Back)

Do you work for the same BBG that distributes Car audio stuff like phoenix gold...?
Hi John :D

Baldy- it is indeed the same BBG - we carry 16 brands across 4 company divisions now, one of those being mobile audio (which actually has the most brands of all our divisons now!) :cool:

JL Audio
Phoenix Gold

all fun and games! :thumbsup:

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