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Ok then, I'm new to the home cinema business and have a few questions and want some help spending my money ;)

She who lays down the rules has agreed turning our office, which neither of us use, into a cinema room. With one toddler and another child due, we never get out to the cinema, which we both used to enjoy. We also miss watching rugby on the big screen in pubs, and I like to get this set up roughly, in enough time to watch the six nations in a few weeks.

As the budget is limited i'm looking at buying a german import panny ae500 and screen. These will be fed by already owned toshiba sd220e dvd player, a freeview box, playstation ps2 and, in the long run, a hcpc. Can anyone recommend the screen type best suited to this type of lcd projector? Any good online dealers who sell screens?

The room (theatre?) is long and narrow and gloomy - 90 by 190 inches, north-west facing with windows on the northwest and northeast sides and the door on the south east end. Can anyone point me to a web site to find throw-length for this machine - For an 80 inch wide screen, sitting 2x distance from screen, generic calculators seem to suggest the projector would be half way between the viewing position and the screen. Does this sound about right - I aways imagined I'd sit with the projector behind me - cinema style?

Any other recommendations for good reading - I've looked at projector central and here of course!




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Go for a Matte white screen. Do you need a retractable one or a fixed one? Either way have a look in the screen forum, all the usual suspects regarding makes are mentioned somewhere.

As for you r room being gloomy thats a good thing. In fact I find colours and blacks wash out in anything but darkness.

The calculator on Projector Central is pretty much correct.

For information I have a 6ft wide screen and I sit 11ft away from it. My Z2 sits directly above me and its at the furthest it could be.


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Originally posted by wither2000
Any other recommendations for good reading - I've looked at projector central and here of course!
There's an American board like this, AVSForums, as many things American it's somewhat gordy compared to here but you get some interesting discussions about equipment that don't take place here.

For reference reading I would suggest HomeTheaterHiFfi's "Secrets" articles for background reading as well as ProjectorPeople's tutorials for new-comers to this subject. There's also ProgressiveScan whose sole aim is to de-mystify the subject of 'progressive scan'.



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Thanks for the advice - time for more reading before I go spending.


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