Newbie, vga-scart using MATROX Dual-Head will i get a good picture?


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I want to build myself a cheapish media centre PC, spent 2 days looking at all sorts of info on the subject!

The best solution i can find is a G400 AGP MATROX Dual-Head Output Graphic Card. Dual-head enables me to seperate the frequency my pc runs at and the output to the TV ?

I can then make a vga-scart cable as shown on the Matrox web site.

Mw main question is, what will the picture be like on my panasonic 4:3 tV, it has scart input and so, the cable will give it true RGB inputs.

Will the picture be as good as for example a freeview box that inputs to the TV? As the picture from that is good with little distortion or flicker?

As an example i watch QVC and the graphics they show, looks very stable and almost no flickering. I realise TV's always flicker a bit due too 50Hz.

I mainly want to run GBPVR on it and play DVD's etc.

Your opinion would be most welcome.

Regards Gary


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The PQ will certainly be as good as your Freeview box, probably better. Depending on source and what processing you use it will probably be a lot better.

Note that 50hz flicker is only with CRT TVs, digital panels have no such refresh-rate induced flicker.


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Also try for all things Matrox!

Another thing, when I had my G400, I found that playing DVD using the G400 with S-Video TV out, was miles better than my DVD player with RGB Scart!


questuk said:
I can then make a vga-scart cable as shown on the Matrox web site.

Can you provide a link for that please? I had a search on the site but couldn't find anything


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