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Newbie trying to choose a plasma screen

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Darren Blake, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Darren Blake

    Darren Blake
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    Apr 28, 2003
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    Norwich, UK.
    Hi all.

    Firstly, I have done the search and found a good few threads already covering this topic, but time and products march onwards, plus I didn't find one covering exactly what I am after so here goes:

    I am looking at setting up some kind of integrated entertainment system in my lounge. Nothing fancy - just a screen, my DVD player, video and satellite system (which I also use as a TV tuner for terrestrial programmes). I don't (as yet) even have a PS2 / XBox / a-n-other games console. At the moment I don't even have a suround sound system. I'm not an audio or videophile by any means.

    What I do need is a screen that can give me as good a performance as possible when linked to my PC. I want to bring the PC downstairs to free up the spare bedroom (or "office" as it is called now) and hook it up to a large screen, while operating it via a wireless keyboard and mouse. I am a serious PC user and I will spend almost as much time watching TV as using it as a monitor. I use most Microsoft Office applications as well as a little bit of video editing, so I need a good display, rather than a passable one.

    I currently run my PC at only 1024x786 res on a 17" monitor. The wall I have identified for my screen is just under 12 feet away. From what I have read already I will need a system with up to three SCART inputs (video, sky, DVD) plus a 15 pin D-sub monitor connection. I will also need at least 1024x1024 native resolution.

    It appears to my untrained eye that it is much easier to get a screen which is good for TV pictures than it is to get one suitable for serious use as a PC monitor. The latter is my main requirement, so if it becomes too costly to get a suitable screen I will simply buy a normal widescreen TV and leave the PC upstairs.

    My budget is between £2700 and £3000. I also want to blow about £300 on a sound system to go with it.

    I am thinking in terms of the new Hitachi 42PD3000 or CMP4202E. I like the lower price of the CMP but recognise that connection is going to be more of an issue. I love the media box that comes with the 42PD3000 because it means that I can minimise the number of wires going to the screen (plus there is only about £150 between them, which I'm sure would be more than eaten up by a SCART switch box).

    What I want to know is: Are my selection criteria correct, and what other products should I be looking at as competitors to the 42PD3000?

    Thanks in advance.

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