Newbie to the AV World. Need some advice.


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Sorry in advance if this breaks any rules, but I was having trouble finding sufficient information elsewhere, so I figured it would be best just to ask directly. I am still very new to this, as mentioned, so if you can dummy it down a lot that would be superb, as I am having a hard time understanding all of the lingo.

1. First off, some general questions on watts and outputs. I have 2 C203's that are rated at 100w at 6 ohm. (Buying a powered sub at some point in the future as well)
- What is the differences between 1 ch driven and 2 ch driven?
- How much power would I need for my speakers? If a receiver can put out 80w for 2 ch, will I need an amp for all 100w or just the missing power?
- Should I just replace these speakers with something else?
2. Some simple receiver questions next.
- Do I really have to shell out 1k to achieve the best performance?
- Do things like Dolby Atmos and the like matter?
- Sound quality--is 192 kbps okay, or will I be able to tell a difference between that and 320?
- Best companies for receivers--I feel like on almost every store page for them, I see a multitude of negative reviews. Is this just me being too nervous or do they actually have that many issues?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if I am getting a lot of this wrong. Feels like I dove into the deep end without learning how to swim haha.


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1) A AVR typically has 5,7, 9 or more channels of power amplifiers. In a good amplifier a 100W per channel amplifier will not drop no matter how many channels are used. Most AVR's will drop with more channels connected and active.
Typically 50W per channel should be fine, but you can get more. It's better to have more power than not enough, and in peaks, and depending on speaker sensivity, room size, and dB level, 100W should be plenty.
If you have different amplifier power per channel that's fine, you could get more up front as you're further away and demands are greater, and side/surrounds will be closer so require less power.

I don't know what C203 speakers are

2) You don't need to spend £1000, however higher end models will have more features, more power
Atmos- only if you plan to go full atmos system
192 kps mp3 is all right but I'd stick with flac.

Yamaha are the most reliable, but they don't have high power amplifiers. Their room EQ isn't as advanced as others like Denon, Anthem or Arcam.

Depends on your budget, you could get AVR + stereo speakers then buy the rest as you go along, or if you can afford it the whole lot in one go, but I'd say at least £1500 for a decent outlay for AVR, sub and 5 speakers.
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Apologies, the C203 is an older pioneer speaker. Thanks for helping me out with all this! Was really struggling to wrap my head around this all
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