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I've decided to get Apple TV as I've run out shelf space and HandBrake is easy to use even with limited K&U about PC's!

However before I spend many an hour ripping I wanted to know what people's preferences are for DVD rips on HandBrake, should I just go with the Apple TV preset?

I'll use it with a 37'' LCD and it'll be mainly rips of my favourite comedy or sci-fi TV series, but I would like the best possible picture quality.

I've seen advice about installing an exteral hdd via usb and I see two options for this:

1. atvusb-creator with advice courtesy of bjarvis2785's blog/guide
2. aTV Flash - Windows which costs $45 but it has a lot of features. But I'm not sure if I would use all of them.

Should I buy the 40gig or 160gig version? There seems to be no difference apart from the hdd size, am I correct?

Thanks, Iggy


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Another option buy a dirt cheap NAS like this for £99.

Use ATV-PatchStick creator (which is free BTW) to create a USB flash drive that will hack the ATV and allow you to install XBMC on it. A new XBMC launcher will appear in the ATV dash from which you can download/install XBMC.

In XBMC go to videos click add source, select SMB networks and point it at the folder on your NAS holding your movies they can be H.264/MP4 or DVD ISO's makes no difference. After that you can play your files on the ATV without the computer needing to be on at any time. You can start XBMC from the ATV dash as well as close it to go back to the ATV dash.

A lightweight skin like xTV-SAF will make the XBMC GUI run smoother on the ATV.

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